Changing Lanes

Often we have expectations on what life will bring us, and as you may have heard in the past, the best way to be disappointed is by having expectations in the first place!

I was recently extremely disappointed in a situation that happened at work, my expectations were let down and my ego took a hit. It’s been a week now that I’ve reflected on this event and I’ve come to the following realization: It is not fair for me to assume that I will get what I want, I can only trust that life has my back and that the long term outcome will be as desired.

What I really mean by this is that, nothing is easy, no instant result is truly gratifying. And, if I don’t want people having expectations towards me, in what way am I allowed to have expectations towards life? It’s a lot easier to be upset and pout over things, it’s a lot easier to give up and change lanes, but I’ll never see the end of the road if I keep changing lanes.

I’ve started to change my mindset about a lot of things, someone once told me “What you resist will persist”, and she was right. Every road has obstacles, and depending on what your personality type is, you’ll most likely run into the same obstacles on every road. So what’s the point of going through the same thing over and over again?

I’m slowly realizing how life is not about the end result as much as it’s about the path you took to get there. Yes, people are recognized for their achievements but what is really interesting is how they ended up in that position, you can’t write an autobiography if you haven’t lived.

Basically, I have most of my goals in place, obviously with details left to be determined, but I don’t want to be upset when things don’t go “according to plan”, I’ll just have an awesome autobiography later. Life is about enjoying the road, not necessarily getting to the end.

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