Me and I

I realized this morning how it had been so long since I’ve opened up on here, said what’s in my mind. So here I am. So many things happen in my mind on a daily basis and I wish I could just spill all my guts on here.

So relationships! It’s weird how those come in all different shapes and sizes right? Different categories and then different roles in each of those. I think sometimes we want to feel love so badly that we mistaken friendships for love. In other situations, we love ourselves so little that we mistaken love for friendship.

Personally, I find it ridiculously hard to love myself.. I am in constant doubt of how I should be vs who I want to be and if all those things are acceptable or not. And, through that whole thought process I forget to love myself, that relationship is definitely a broken one! Why is self love so hard?

Growing up I read about two people loving each other in so many different books, saw it in movies and even heard it in songs. Why is it that we forgot to teach self love? Isn’t that where it’s all supposed to start? I look at people sometimes and wonder how they can be so certain about their entire beings, their lives. I’m here, in bed, doubting my whole existence and they’re all dandy about shit.. Mind boggling.

I love coming on here and emptying my head, clears my thoughts a little bit! Plus, with every post I see more people liking what I write and that warms my heart, thank you 🙂

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