All Words

I had a tough one this week, a lot of things happened and somehow it all had to do with words! This gladly got me thinking again. Words have a lot to do with social conduct, how you fit in the norms with your words. So many situations in life make me wonder about these things. How can someone act like that? To me it’s absolute nonsense, like I come from another planet.

You know, I definitely am the type of person who bottles up all the feelings and try as much as physically possible to not let anything show. Nothing but happy. And then you have those ultra emotional beings who just show it all. BAM, can’t contain it.

Why do I have to suffer their emotions? I don’t impose mine.. It’s unfortunate but sometimes I expect people to do the same thing as me, that’s a ridiculous expectation to have, I know. However, pretending everything is okay is a real skill my friends! There’s days where it literally feels like the world around me is falling apart and I’m powerless.

We use words as a mechanism of defense, but we use these same words to attract and seduce. I’m using words here to express my inner thoughts, and some people might use words to document factual events. It’s all words. So how do I use them? That’s what they don’t teach us in school.

I realize that I lack the skill to use words verbally the “correct” way, I get into messy situations because of words and I’m tired (again). Because, guess what everyone, words are even more complicated when you can’t edit them!

Anyway, we can’t be too hard on ourselves, we’re the only ones living with our thoughts and feelings. So why not choose to live free of this burden?

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