The Holidays

Oh the holiays, this is huge for everyone.

It’s officially over, the chaos that is consumerism. This year I decided to not give and in return, not receive. That was the BEST idea ever ahaha. To be honest, I never really enjoyed this time of the year, it was always so stressful to find something for everyone, find a budget and run around doing the actual shopping. This year, I got to enjoy the holidays for real (yay!).

Personally, I find the idea of buying just to buy disturbing. Here I am, trying to figure me out and on top of it I have to buy useless things for everyone? I would much rather invest in experiences and emotions. I sometimes feel like we forgot the basics, forgot how to spend time together just because we love one another so much.

However, this got me thinking of what I want from life (New Years will do that to you). So Ariel, what do you want from life? The real answer, holy shit, I have no idea.. But then I told myself, it’s okay not to know and it’s okay to be seriously confused, the majority (believe it or not) are just as lost.

So here’s how it’ll go down, I will ride the wave that is life focusing on the 3 main things that I care for:

  1. Respect
  2. Love (I think you’ve noticed my fascination)
  3. Happiness

I think that might be a good start! I will keep the world posted on how my journey goes and I definitely want to know if anyone has tips and tricks on how to make the ride a little less bumpy 🙂

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