Oh boy..

This is my very first post ladies and gentlemen, and oh boy am I wondering what I just did ahaha. There’s so many reasons why I am here, I guess most of all I needed a place where I could be me, my own world with my real thoughts.

I feel like these days it’s so hard to be authentic, I am thrown in all these directions and I don’t know how to think or what to think! I was watching the movie Almost Famous last night and I was completely inspired. This kid goes after his dreams, full of fear yet so determined.. This movie is about passion, something I don’t know the first thing about. I’ll be honest with you, I am completely terrified of love, letting yourself go and feeling, actually feeling the desires, I mean, I do love, but I don’t think I love the way people deserve to be loved.. There’s always a part of me wanting to protect itself.

My biggest challenge in life, fear. There’s always two people inside me fighting, the reckless passionate me and the realistic scared me. Scared usually wins ahaha.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else feels the way I do, I rarely open up and actually “say it like it is”. This blog is my first step towards this, letting people in.

I will keep all of you posted on my life, I will try to write to you as often as possible and stop drowning myself with my own thoughts!

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